Application for Individual Flex Day Choice

Four Pillars: District Instructional Focus 


District Pillars

Equitable Access to Rigorous High-level Programs:

All students, without exception, will have access to research-based effective teaching and programs that include rigorous content aligned to academic standards

Possible Activity Ideas: Common Core work; creating new differentiated activities, Readers Workshop planning (i.e. - mini-lesson calendars); redesign and update lessons; attend a non-district sponsored workshop on Common Core; PaTTAN or BCIU workshops; redesign assessments


Data Driven Continuous Improvement:


We will make informed decisions using ongoing data-driven evidence to support and guide instructional practices, professional development and organizational improvement

Possible Activity Ideas: Improve the use of data to differentiate instruction for learners; take time to learn more about PVAAS (if password is needed, please let Julie know), increase proficiency in use of CDT data to guide instruction, remediation and enrichment; recreate data charts to easily access student growth and achievement; redesign assessments

Effective Teachers, Effective Leaders:

We will meet the needs of our diverse students by attracting, developing, retaining and promoting cooperation among competent, student-focused teachers and leaders.

Possible Activity Ideas: Attend a non-district sponsored workshop to sharpen pedagogical skills, apply information learned in professional readings to your teaching craft

Safe Climate & Relationships with Families, Community:

Together, we will create a climate of trust, value, and respect for all staff, students, and community members, and build a sense of ownership through meaningful dialogue for all stakeholders

Possible Activity Ideas: SWEBS work, anti-bullying activities, creation or revision of a parent newsletter, design a positive ‘reward' system for ‘catching students' doing great things and plan how to communicate with parents


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In the space below, please provide a description of the proposed CHOICE option. Please be sure to include the following:
• how the CHOICE option will align and/or support one (or more) of the Four Pillars in the District Instructional Focus [NOTE: the second page of the application contains additional information about the Pillars];
• anticipated products or outcomes from the activity; and
•your plan to apply the knowledge gained from the day or the products produced to your work with students in the coming school year.