Late Bus

Students who normally ride the bus and stay late for clubs or other activities are provided the opportunity to take the late bus home.  The late bus follows a modified schedule, so students should pick the stop listed below that is closest to their normal bus stop.  Students should pick up a late bus pass from the office before the afternoon of the late activity.  The late bus follows the following pick up/drop-off schedule:

Time:             Location:

3:35                Arrive at WREC

3:40                Depart from WREC

3:45                Campus/Sunnyside at Reading Blvd.

3:46                Lynne & Terrace

3:48                Front of Wyomissing Family Restaurant

3:50                Wyoming & Cleveland

3:55                Sturbridge & Logan

3:57                High School Breezeway

3:59               Bluebird & Old Mill

4:00               Farr & Hummingbird

4:07                Hobart & Bern

4:12                Upload & Upland

4:13                Park Rd & Wyomissing Hills Blvd

4:14                Grandview & Merrymount

4:15 Woodland & Lawndale

4:17 Wellington & Warwick