2019 Feasibility Study


Visioning exercises are key to establishing the goals and guiding principles for projects and the District as a whole. A visioning exercise occurred with the School District and Administration, who established the following parameters for their district:

1. There needs to be equity amongst all the facilities both educationally as well as in functionality. 

2. The existing district administration office and its current space to be evaluated for possible repurposing as part of the options process.

3. Flexibility is essential, whether in the type of furniture, collaborative and individual workspaces (students learn differently in different environments), pods within classrooms, etc. Comfort in these spaces is key – cannot be office-like or sterile.

4. In conjunction with the previous item, maintaining proper safety and discipline, especially being such a large district, is necessary.

5. Educational spaces to be of an appropriate size and have natural light. Currently, many of the existing classrooms throughout the buildings are on the small side, and many of them either have little or no natural light. In addition, the need for additional large group spaces (80-120 students at a time) is great.

6. The functionality and locations of the existing corridor lockers are to be reviewed, taking into consideration 21st-century learning, crowded corridors and what specifically needs to be stored.

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02-11-2020 Board Presentation