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Acceptable Use Policy

Please click here for School Board Policy 815 Acceptable Use of Technology Resources/Facilities and Internet by Staff, Students, and Community Members

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1:1 Student Agreement

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COPPA Information

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Media Release Non-Consent

The Wyomissing Area District takes great pride in sharing the accomplishments of our students with our community! 

The Wyomissing Area District actively uses the district website and social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) to connect with our families. Photographs and videos of students may be used for classroom projects, the district website, or social media channels, in our print publications, and for other school-related purposes. We also share great stories with our local media outlets in Berks County.

Our website and official social channels are a great place to find accurate and reliable information. Follow the district and your child’s school to stay up to date!

The linked form ONLY needs to be returned if you would like to opt out of providing permission for the school, and/or district to use media representation of your child or their work.  This includes the district website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.   If so, please be sure to check the appropriate box(es), including your child's name and homeroom, your signature, and the date as requested. Please return this form to your child's school Principal. Thank you for your assistance.

Media Release Non-Consent Form.

Please Note:  

If you have completed this form and an image of your child is accidentally included in a district publication, simply contact [email protected] and we will take immediate action.

Health Information

Physical Form
Dental Form