Service Project Leads to New Bench at WREC

Service Project Leads to New Bench at WREC
Posted on 08/02/2022
Service Project Leads to New Bench at WRECStudents at the West Reading Elementary Center have been working on service projects all year. In the beginning of the year, students Anthony DeNada, Andrew Boeger, and Max Strock wanted to find a service project that would benefit the community.

After a lot of consideration, they had decided that a bench to play outside of the school was the best option. Before deciding on the bench itself, the students worked to brainstorm fundraising ideas to cover the cost. After brainstorming many options, the students reached out to WAEF to pursue a grant to fund the new bench.

The students, along with the help of Mrs. Easteadt, filled out the grant application and pitched their idea to the WAEF committee, who then approved the grant allowing the students to continue with the service project. Students researched what kind of bench to get, specific pricing, and how to make a plaque for the bench thanking WAEF for their generosity. When the bench arrived the students helped to assemble it and had the opportunity to visit the STEAM labs at the high school to laser print the plaque.

Thank you to WAEF for working with our students and thank you to the WREC students for your community service work!