Career Day at the Jr./Sr. High School

Career Day at the Jr./Sr. High School
Posted on 01/04/2022
Career Day at the Jr./Sr. High SchoolThe different pathways available for students for life after high school can often be overwhelming. Entering the workforce, attending a trade school or a 4-year institution, or enlisting in the military are all possible options for Wyomissing Area students post-graduation, but how do they know which path is right for them? The Wyomissing Area faculty and staff, along with a team of dedicated volunteers and community partners, work to alleviate this anxiety by coordinating Career Day giving students the chance to learn more about and explore the possible paths available.

To keep the Career Day experience fresh and engaging each year, each grade focuses on different activities and embraces different aspects of post-secondary exploration. Through age-appropriate activities, students are exposed to different careers and their bank of knowledge grows each time they participate in Career Day. Seventh through eleventh-grade students get the chance to choose from a variety of panelists to meet with throughout the course of their day. The panelists range from careers in law enforcement to restaurant management to orthopedic surgeons and more, ensuring students have a vast range of careers to explore. The panelists are selected by a PTA committee and many are Wyomissing Area parents and community members. When reflecting on her career day experience, Wyomissing Area sophomore, Riley Giblin, remarked that “It’s always nice to listen and speak with the professionals first hand, rather than read an article online.” Wyomissing Area prides itself on preparing our students for every possible walk of life, reminding students that there are a variety of career paths to pursue. We are thankful for the many local professionals who give their time to share their experiences and career wisdom with students year after year. Our Career Day is such a valuable and rewarding day for students thanks to the many experiences we can offer, and we couldn’t do that without our amazing volunteers. 

In addition to traditional career paths, Wyomissing Area High School encourages students to explore the benefits of trade schools, the military, apprenticeships, and the workforce. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, ninth-grade students would leave campus to get first-hand experience at a variety of local businesses. In a typical year, the junior class would shadow professionals in fields of business and careers they were interested in pursuing. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 students were unable to leave campus, but we hope to bring these opportunities back for students in the future when it is safe to do so. This year, the senior class spent the day gaining experience and advice necessary for adult life. The Class of 2022 learned how to properly perform CPR and met with two lawyers from the community, gaining insight on how life changes, legally, once you turn 18.

Regardless of the complications associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the Wyomissing Area faculty, staff, and community volunteers ensured that our students gained proper insight into the wide range of possibilities available to students post-graduation. It is always a goal for Wyomissing Area students to be equipped for whatever journey life takes them on, and this Career Day was a step in the right direction.