WREC - Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

WREC Recognizes Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month
Posted on 11/10/2021
Pediatric Cancer Awareness MonthSeptember is recognized as Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month which is represented through the color gold. Throughout the entire month, students at the West Reading Elementary Center were challenged to wear gold or white to show their support.

Partnering with the Wyomissing Hills Elementary Center, students spent the month working to raise funds in support of pediatric cancer awareness. Student-made gold ribbons were sold at lunch as part of their fundraising efforts and in the end they reached their goal of raising over $800. Posters were posted throughout the school and coloring books were collected to donate to the Child Life Organization.

Students also raised money outside of school which they contributed towards the overall school fundraiser. Throughout the month, students shared pediatric cancer information and facts over the announcements in order to spread awareness. Our students came together in support of this cause and experienced learning opportunities along the way.