Wyomissing Area Virtual Education



Wyomissing Area Virtual Education (WAVE) was formed to provide families with the resources and flexibility to serve students who wish to learn online due to safety/health concerns. 

This unique offering gives families the option to enroll in full-time virtual learning provided by highly-qualified Wyomissing Area teachers. Thus, WAVE delivers the same high-quality instruction found in our neighborhood schools. Every effort will be made to create a community of learners for students enrolled in WAVE. For example, at the elementary level, each school day will begin with a virtual Morning Meeting and opportunities to engage in social-emotional learning activities as a class.  

• The educational delivery method will feature Wyomissing Area teachers providing a combination of synchronous (live instruction via WebEx) and asynchronous instruction following the curriculum established by the District.
• K-6 synchronous learning will be provided 1-2 hours throughout the day in segmented time frames. 
• Asynchronous learning activities will be assigned daily, utilizing computer programs and supplemented with paper/pencil activities and authentic texts.

• Instruction will be based in the Edgenuity educational platform and will be used in combination with the WASD curriculum resources, all aligned to PA Core Standards.
• In addition to WASD curriculum resources, the District has partnered with Edgenuity to offer two platforms that provide a state-of-the-art digital learning environment for students with an engaging course design combining real-time instruction, resources from leading education partners, customized lesson plans and interactive learning tools.  
 - Pathblazer will be used with students in grades K-5
 - Edgenuity Courseware will be used with for students in grades 6-12

• Attendance will be monitored daily and weekly student reports will be generated and shared with families to keep them abreast of academic progress. Grading will follow the WASD criteria. 

• Enrollment opportunities will be offered on a quarterly basis for grades 5-12 and on a trimester basis for grades K-4, following the WASD reporting periods. 

• WAVE students are also invited to participate in school activities, events, and extra–curriculars. 


On July 27, the Wyomissing Area School Directors approved opening the 2020-2021 school year utilizing a Hybrid model with students attending school in person two days a week and remotely three days a week.  The Wyomissing Area Virtual Education is being provided as an option for those families who want to continue to enjoy the excellence offered by the Wyomissing Area School District faculty and staff while learning at home.


If you are a parent or student who is interested in Wyomissing Area Virtual Education (WAVE), please contact the program coordinator, Mrs. Jennifer Mangold, at jmangold@wyoarea.org for more information. You may also request a demonstration account to view the curriculum.  


To register for full-time participation in the virtual academy, please contact your guidance counselor.