National Mental Health Awareness Week

Aevidum Celebrates National Mental Health Awareness Week
Posted on 11/12/2021
In October, the Aevidum Club at the Jr./Sr. High School held its first Aevidum Week which paralleled National Mental Health Awareness Week.

There has been a recent increase in mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression among teens and the goal behind Aevidum week was to reduce the stigma behind mental health, demonstrate how it is not a weakness of character, and relay the message that mental health matters!

Each weekday, students were encouraged to dress in themed outfits, like their favorite outfit or bold, bright-colored clothing. Aevidum Club members shared encouraging quotes on the morning announcements with the rest of the student body. Each day they emphasized a new lesson like self-confidence, self-care, being thankful, recognizing who has your back, or thinking optimistically.

The club held activities at lunch for students to participate in to get everyone involved in the movement to remove the negative stigma surrounding mental health. Aevidum Week was a success and the club hopes to hold it annually to continue spreading positive awareness about important mental health topics.