Special Spartan Accomplishment

Special Spartan Accomplishment: 2021 Pennsylvania High School PE Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Jodi Reardon
Posted on 01/01/2022
Special Spartan AccomplishmentIn March, Spartan Physical Education teacher Mrs. Jodi Reardon was recognized for her hard work and dedication at the local level representing physical education teachers in Lancaster, Lebanon, and Berks Counties as the regional 2021 High School PE Teacher of the Year. In November, Mrs. Reardon’s impact as a teacher was recognized state-wide when she earned recognition as the Pennsylvania High School PE Teacher of the Year. This is a huge accomplishment for Mrs. Reardon and shines a light on the great things our Physical Education Department does for our Spartan students.

Mrs. Reardon and the rest of our Physical Education Department stress the importance of what being physically active can do for someone’s overall well-being. She notes “it is great to say that you exercise to be in shape...however, it is important to remember that exercise just doesn’t keep you in shape. It boosts your mental health. It improves sleep. It can improve your performance in school.” Along with encouraging students to be physically active to improve aspects of their life, many of our physical education teachers also connect with the students on a personal level which allows them to create positive relationships with the students. Mrs. Reardon believes that if a teacher makes the effort to show students that they genuinely care and are interested in their overall success, then students are likely to show the same effort and energy in return when they enter the teacher’s classroom. Our physical education teachers have the unique opportunity to teach students year after year and see them grow from seventh grade until graduation. Not many teachers in the building have the opportunity to teach students multiple times and this unique perspective and consistency is valuable for students and promotes long-lasting relationships.

Mrs. Reardon highlighted how the physical education teachers try to find different units that can accommodate all sorts of students and engage them in gym class. The teachers work hard to develop units that will focus on higher cardio games such as ultimate frisbee and tchoukball while incorporating student favorites like pop tennis, pickleball, badminton, and table tennis. 

Looking into the future, Mrs. Reardon and her colleagues hope to see some changes in the PE curriculum so they can better cater to students and their needs. In the last two years, the PE program has added a Personal Fitness course which allows students to have a personalized weight room routine and is geared towards personal growth. Mrs. Reardon stated that she would like to see a class that helps students learn how to properly exercise, track fitness goals, and mimic what is seen in a larger fitness center. This would continue expanding the strong PE program Wyomissing Area has and allow the students to be better served.

Our physical education teachers are extremely dedicated and strive to see excellence in the students they serve. Mrs. Reardon and the rest of the PE Department want the students to know that they are what makes the PE program so great. “We wouldn’t be able to do the things we do, grow, and offer different units and courses if it weren’t for the highly motivated students that go to Wyomissing Area” – Mrs. Jodi Reardon

Thank you to our whole PE department for their hard work and dedication in serving our students, and congratulations to Mrs. Reardon on her excellent accomplishment.