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Home Education Program (Homeschool)

Home education programs are programs where the education of the student is directed by the parent or guardian or such person having legal custody of the student.

Home schooling is a right, as long as the required documentation is submitted in the notarized affidavit or unsworn declaration; the school district's permission is not required.

For more detailed information, please reference: 

Pennsylvania Department of Education – Home Education and Private Tutoring Guide

To begin the homeschool program, a notarized affidavit of the parent/guardian or person having legal custody of the child or children must be filed with the Superintendent prior to commencement of the home education program and annually thereafter on or before August 1.  The affidavit will include:

  1. Name of the supervisor of the home education program responsible for providing instruction.

  2. Name and age of each child participating in the home education program.

  3. Address and telephone number of the home education program site.

  4. Affirmation that subjects required by law are offered in the English language, including an outline of proposed education objectives by subject area.

  5. Evidence, with documentation attached to the affidavit, that the child has received required immunizations and the health and medical services required for the students of the child’s age or grade level, unless the child has a documented medical or religious exemption. (This includes age/grade appropriate immunizations, health exams, vision screenings, hearing tests, and dental examinations).

    Sample PE Form and Dental Form
    PDE Physical Examination Form (Required upon entry/Kindergarten, 6th GR and 11th GR
    PDE Dental Form (Required upon entry/Kindergarten, 3rd GR and 7th GR

  6. Assurance that the home education program will comply with the law.

  7. A certification that the supervisor, all adults living in the home and persons having legal custody of the student have not been convicted of the criminal offenses Under Section III of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes within five years preceding the date of the affidavit.

As you complete the educational program as outlined in your instructional objectives you will need to keep a daily log and portfolio collection of the educational activities completed.  The portfolio should contain a listing of materials used to complete the educational activities, as well as samples of writings, worksheets, and other activities completed by your child.

An annual evaluation of the program is also required and must be completed by a properly certificated teacher and submitted to us by June 30 each year including documentation that the requirement for “one hundred eighty (180) days of instruction or nine hundred (900) hours of instruction at the elementary level, or nine hundred ninety (990) hours per year at the secondary level” was met.

Sample Affidavit from PA Dept of Education

Notarized Affidavit Template (Elementary Level)

Notarized Affidavit Template (Secondary Level)