2018 HVAC Phase II Project

Phase II of the JSHS Project includes improvements to 31 classrooms in the 200-level north and south hallways. This section of the building was last renovated in 1965 and 1993. Renovations to these classrooms include the complete replacement of the HVAC system. The current system was installed in the early 1990s. The new system will be quieter and more efficient.

Additional classroom renovations will include converting carpeted areas to tile flooring, painting classrooms, installing security locks, replacing ceiling tiles, changing chalkboards over to whiteboards, and converting all lighting to LED.

As part of Phase II, the HVAC system in the library and cafeteria will be upgraded, and lighting in both gymnasiums will be converted to LED. Also, more than 400 1939-vintage lockers in the seventh- and eighth-grade areas will be replaced.

HVAC Phase II ProjectHVAC Phase II Project

HVAC Phase II Project

HVAC Phase II Project