JSHS Internship Profile - Nyah Damiano

JSHS Internship Profile - Nyah Damiano
Posted on 05/10/2019
JSHS Internship Profile - Nyah Damiano The Wyomissing Area Senior High School Internship Program is part of an initiative from the Pennsylvania Department of Education called Pennsylvania Career Readiness.  

The goals of the Internship Program, which has been in development for the last year, are to provide students with the opportunity for career exploration and hands-on field experience before choosing a career or postsecondary area of concentration; give interns exposure to the professional expectations of the “working world”; connect academic applications to practical skills; and meaningfully extend every academic department’s existing curriculum.  

For the 2019 spring session, ten student interns are working with mentors in internal placements throughout the school district.  As teacher and Internship Coordinator Peter Beck explains, "This pilot year will provide valuable data and feedback to enhance the experience for next year’s interns."  

This week’s featured Internship focuses on Junior Nyah Damiano who really likes children and has wondered if she would like being an elementary-school teacher, so she chose to intern at the Wyomissing Hills Elementary Center. She was excited to be placed in Stephanie Zechman’s first-grade classroom. And Mrs. Zechman’s students enjoy having Nyah in class. When she enters the room, little voices joyfully call out her name to welcome her.

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