New Instructional Coaches and Specialists

Wyomissing Area Introduces New Instructional Coaches and Specialists
Posted on 01/11/2022
Wyomissing Area School District is excited to implement new roles in our school buildings this year: instructional coaches and specialists. We are pleased to announce four instructional coaches along with two instructional specialists. Our team of instructional coaches includes Ms. Kami Fecho, Mrs. Shana Matz, Mrs. Laura Noey, and Mrs. Elizabeth Toigo. All four of the coaches are excited to provide new opportunities for teachers that will flow through to benefit student growth and continue building positive relationships and school culture. Some of the services that coaches provide are professional development sessions, co-planning and co-teaching with teachers, and developing curriculum resources for teachers and students to use in the classroom. This year, instructional coaching is new to Wyomissing Area which means it is a learning opportunity for everyone.

While all four of the instructional coaches focus in different areas and grade-levels, their day to day schedules consist of similar responsibilities. All four coaches have stated that every day brings new adventures for them, which is part of the reason they love their new role so much. They spend time throughout their day pushing into classrooms and co-teaching, working with students, and participating in the planned lessons the teachers developed. In addition to their work in the classrooms, the coaches are taking their love of learning and engaging in professional learning to become the best instructional coach they can be. Through these professional learning sessions, the instructional coaches learn and develop more strategies they can share with teachers throughout the district to grow professionally.

Ms. Fecho is the instructional coach at the Jr./Sr. High School supporting teachers in their instructional practices. A long-standing member of this district, Ms. Fecho spent time at WHEC and then at WREC as a grade 6 writing and social studies teacher. She decided to pursue this new change in her career because the district was in search of energetic, lifelong learners that wanted to work with teachers. When asked about her new role, Ms. Fecho shared “I have always been passionate about pedagogy. Therefore, it felt like a natural fit for me.” 

Mrs. Matz is an Instructional Technology Coach for grades K-6 assisting teachers at WHEC and WREC with their technological skills and incorporating technology in the classroom. Along with being an instructional coach, Mrs. Matz has been in our district for 19 years as an Innovations (STEM Course) teacher for all fifth and sixth-grade students. Mrs. Matz decided to take on this new opportunity to work with more teachers throughout the district which was a challenge she was ready for. “I truly enjoy working with all of the teachers and students as we continue to navigate this ever-changing technology path in education.” – Shana Matz

Mrs. Noey is a K-6 instructional coach and is in her third year at WHEC. Prior to starting as an instructional coach she spent two years teaching 3rd grade at the Elementary Center. Mrs. Noey has been in education for 21 years and spent 13 years teaching Kindergarten in New Jersey and five years teaching 5th grade in Kentucky before becoming a Spartan. With her background in early education, Mrs. Noey is sure to be a perfect fit for the instructional coach position at WHEC. She will continue to inspire teachers to be the best versions of themselves and pass their positivity onto the students in the learning process.

Our final instructional coach is Mrs. Toigo, who is a K-4 and 7-12 Instructional Technology Coach. This is Mrs. Toigo’s second year at Wyomissing Area as a teacher, but she has worked with the High School Drama Club for 10 years as the Technical Director. In addition to being an Instructional Technology Coach, Mrs. Toigo also teaches English at the Jr./Sr. High School. Before Mrs. Toigo came to Wyomissing Area she worked as an Instructional Technology Coach for eight years at Lampeter-Strasburg School District. Instructional coaching caught her interest because she had always been a leader in technology no matter where she worked. “I always wanted to learn and try something new. ” – Elizabeth Toigo

The coaches have all stated that they are focused on getting to know the faculty this year and building positive relationships with each individual faculty member so that in future years they can provide the best coaching techniques and opportunities for the teachers, leading to the best learning experience for students.