Registration & Physicals

The Wyomissing Area Athletic Department Fall Sports Registration for all students currently in grades 7 - 12 is open for the Fall season.

Please note – the PIAA has changed the CIPPE (physical) Form sections.  The Health History is now Section 6 and the Physical is now Section 7!!

**Once you submit your forms, you can check your PlanetHS account or the team roster on the website to make sure you are cleared** 

**If you already have an account in PlanetHS, please log into your account by going to and clicking on the Online Registration tab, and submit your forms under the Athletic Forms tab for the Fall 2021-2022 season.  Please remember to check your message center for any messages from the Athletic Trainers.

**If you do not remember your login or password – please DO NOT create a duplicate account.  Please email to have your information reset**

**If this is the FIRST TIME you are creating an account, please continue reading:

Please, before you begin, read both of the attachments. (The Wyomissing Area Kick Off Letter and PHS Parent & Student Getting Started Guide).  This is a new platform and it is important that you are familiar with how it works. 

**You will see 3 tabs when you sign up:  Athletic Forms, Link Accounts and Message Center.  ANY emails or texts that you receive through PlanetHS will be in your Message Center.  If you receive a message, PLEASE login and click on Message Center for your message**

**You can also see if your child is cleared by checking your account.  If all forms are correct, they will say "complete".**

Here are a few important things to note:

  1. The online registration “button” is available by going to  
  1. BOTH the parent/guardian AND student-athlete MUST create accounts. (1 account for the parent/guardian and 1 account for the student-athlete)
  1. Once you create your account, you must link your account with your student-athlete(s) account(s) by either email or cell phone number.
  1. Once you are linked with your student-athlete, you will be able to complete all of the required PIAA forms, as well as the required WASD forms.  (the student-athlete can be linked to multiple parent/guardian accounts (example: mom can create her own account and dad can create his own account, using different email address/phone numbers)
  1. You will need to print sections 6 (health history) and 7 (physical) and take both of those forms to the doctor in order to receive a physical.  You can scroll to the bottom of your “homepage” after all forms are complete to find Section 6 and Section 7 to print.  (these forms have also been attached to this email).
  1. Once you have the completed physical from the doctor DATED AFTER JUNE 1st, 2021 (section 7), you must login to your Parent/Guardian account and upload the physical ONLY.  (Please do not upload Section 6) You will simply take a picture of the physical with your phone and upload it to the parent account.  
  2. For future reference, we now have the ability to change/update your login information.  If you forget your login or password, please email

Remember, you will not turn anything into the office; all paperwork should be completed online and the physical form should be uploaded from the Parent/Guardian account BEFORE Friday, July 30th.

Wyomissing Area High School Kick Off Letter.pdf
PHS Parent Student Getting Started.pdf
PIAA Cippe Section 6 & 7.pdf
Medication_Statement_for_Students (2).pdf