PAYS Task Force

PAYS Task Force - Following receipt of the 2019 survey results

The Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) Task Force is a group of dedicated Wyomissing Area stakeholders who are committed to using the results from the PAYS to improve programs and services for the Wyomissing Area community. 

The PAYS Task Force studied the needs of the Wyomissing Area and identified tasks for completion. The following are some highlights of the work done by the PAYS Task Force, as well as other groups, to improve programs and services:

  •        Increase school counseling services available by adding a .5 school counselor position at WHEC
  •        Implement PATHS curriculum in grades K-5
  •         Expand participation in Red Ribbon week to include grades K-4
  •        5th and 6th graders to be provided with Clear Facts nicotine prevention program
  •        Develop individual intervention options for student marijuana/vaping use
  •        Provide opportunities for student athletes to participate in Peak Performance Leadership Academy
  •        Increase agency involvement in IEP team and discipline meetings
  •        Allow for parent participation in Prevention Resources and Education Program for parents (PREP)
  •        In response to the pandemic and option for virtual school programming, implemented a telehealth approach to allow for students seeking support from our eSAP and SAP programs to access services (through Caron Foundation)
  •        In response to the pandemic, provided electronic options for providing referrals and consent for school based mental health services and assessments (through Caron Foundation)