Science Field Trip to Wilkes University

Science Field Trip to Wilkes University
Posted on 01/22/2023
Science Field Trip to Wilkes UniversityA group of students in AP Environmental Science and AP Biology attended Wilkes University’s Environmental Science Day.

They toured the college campus, explored labs in the Cohen Science Center, and enjoyed a complimentary lunch with current students, faculty, and staff.

The students also had the opportunity to participate in labs with instruction from the college professors. The first was called “Rivers, Flood, and Landslides—Oh My!” which examined the effects of bodies of water concerning erosion as well as explored how bodies of water change due to the movement of the surrounding land. The lab “Grasping the Gravity of the Situation: Gravity Anomalies and Earth Structures” inspected how gravity affects structures on Earth as well as the effect of distance from Earth on this phenomenon.

In the “Preserving Plants for Fun and Science” lab, students discovered the question of how to properly preserve plants to make an herbarium—a systematically arranged collection of dried plants. “Insect Villains and Heroes” took a further look at the effects of invasive species on the invaded areas and the benefits of pollinators and their work in ecosystems. “Oh, Say Can you Seed!” taught the students how to identify various types of vital seeds, and the “Weather patterns and their effects” lab taught the students a more in-depth understanding of convention and conducting currents found in both air and water.

Overall, this trip gave students an in-depth look at careers in the environmental science and the geoscience fields as well as allowed them to participate in beneficial labs related to those fields.

This was an enriching experience for our Spartans and provided them the opportunity to engage in important academic discussions with students from many schools!