These services are an attempt to help children maintain optimal health status and achievement throughout their formal education. The Pennsylvania school health program mandates that school children be examined by a physician upon entry to school and again in grades 6 and 11. Parents may choose to have the examination by a private or school physician. A report of each examination becomes part of the student's school health records.


Dental examinations are required upon school entrance and in grades 3 and 7. These may be done by a private or school dentist, whichever the parents prefer. Scoliosis screening is conducted in grades 6 and 7. Visual acuity is tested annually in all grades. Hearing acuity is tested in grades K, 1, 2, 3, 7, 11, and upon referral by teachers, parents, and physicians. Parents will be notified of any difficulty the child may exhibit.
First Aid, Administration of Medications, and Transportation of Ill Students

The school nurse is responsible only for the emergency care of injuries and sudden illnesses, which occur while the student is in school. She is not available to diagnose or treat students who come to school with existing injuries or illnesses.

Medications sent from home must be accompanied by a note from the parent or legal guardian giving permission for the prescribed medication to be administered. All prescription medication sent to school must be in its original container, properly labeled by the pharmacist or physician. The label must state the student's name, medication dose, time and route of administration. The physician's name and prescription number should also appear on the label. A note from the physician should also accompany the medication. The medication should be brought to the school nurse or office secretary before the start of the school day. Some over-the-counter medication can be given to students if parents have given their signed consent on the student's emergency information form.

When possible, parents are responsible for transporting the ill or injured student to his/her home, the doctor, or hospital. 

Dental Exam Form

Medication Permission Form

Physical Form