Wyomissing Area Grows Girls Wrestling Program

Wyomissing Area Grows Girls Wrestling Program
Posted on 03/14/2022
As female wrestling continues to grow in popularity across the country, the girls wrestling program at Wyomissing Area is growing too. Currently, a group of female athletes participates on the traditionally “boys” team, but with changes occurring county-wide, Wyomissing Area hopes to create its very own female wrestling team in the near future. Throughout the county, there are four sanctioned female teams which include: Governor Mifflin, Exeter, Brandywine Heights, and Berks Catholic. Wyomissing Area Wrestling Coach and Athletic Director Mr. Ferrandino shared “about four to five other schools are competing with girls on their boys team and are also like Wyomissing Area looking to sanction by next year.” Wyomissing Area athletes and coaches are looking forward to the positive changes that can come in the future with a sanctioned female wrestling team.

With more female wrestlers joining the team this year, Wyomissing Area currently has six female wrestlers and is hoping to continue adding more student-athletes as the years go on. The six wrestlers this year include Mia Bosch, Aliah Contraras, Rayne Krotee-Sparr, Renie Harris, Olivia Tillman, and Riley Frymoyer (Captain and senior). Coach Ferrandino says that wrestling is a sport he recommends everyone tries because the sport teaches you so much about yourself. He adds “your self-confidence will grow immediately, and you will instantly become part of the wrestling fraternity. The bond the wrestlers have among each other is unlike any other sport. You just have to come and give it a try.”

Many of the wrestlers this year got a glimpse of what the future could be like with a sanctioned female wrestling team. Freshman wrestler Olivia Tillman says that her favorite part about wrestling is the family bond and friendships that she’s created because she’s creating friendships with people in the school that she never thought she would be friends with. Creating a sanctioned female wrestling team would mean a lot to the six girls that are already on the team. Olivia shared her thoughts;  “It would mean a lot because a lot of girls get caught up with the idea of wrestling guys, because they are on a guys team. It would be nice to have a team of our own. Even though I do like a good challenge!”

While the six female wrestlers on the team enjoy the challenge and unity within the boys team, they are looking forward to the changes and opportunities they can have with their own sanctioned girls team.