Information Technology

The technology mission statement of the Wyomissing Area School District is to provide all students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in the 21st century. This education will focus on addressing the needs of lifelong learners, in a technology-rich global environment, with a curriculum that integrates emerging technology resources, for the enhancement of student learning and achievement of the academic standards.

The vision of the Wyomissing Area School District is to maintain and enhance the high quality of its educational programs and to ensure that students and staff are able to communicate and exchange ideas and information in a global environment. Strategic integration of technology within the curricular and business operations of the organization will enable students, staff, and community members to access and manage information, communicate, explore, think, and interact in new and inventive ways.

This vision will be accomplished through following broad directions established by the work of the Technology Advisory Groups at each building:


  • Strive to provide the facilities and opportunities for all students and staff to experience and use current technologies.
  • Provide training and technical support to help all staff members integrate technology and use it effectively to improve instruction and organizational efficiency.
  • Provide a balanced curriculum based on Pennsylvania State Standards that will encourage students and staff to utilize technology resources and develop appropriate skills that reflect authentic life experiences.
  • Assess the effectiveness of current technology uses and balance cost effectiveness against the latest capabilities in purchasing the best tools to support instructional goals.
  • Explore ways to use technology to improve communication within buildings, between buildings, and between school and the community.
  • Provide all students and staff with the opportunity to develop the skills needed to access, process, and use technology to harvest and analyze information to help achieve educational goals.

The Wyomissing Area School District has invested in a robust and expandable technology infrastructure to enable all students and staff to access information from every classroom and instructional lab throughout the district. Bandwidth distribution and network access to various local and online resources is managed and secured through state-of-the-art network architecture.